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League of Women Voters of the San Antonio Area
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Community Outreach

The Community Outreach Committee is a resource to the community for voter education and election related information. The Committee develops and distributes voter educational materials while building relationships with voters and organizations in the community to improve access to election information, increase understanding of voting rights, and foster informed, habitual voting. For more details on their work, see the Voter Outreach and Registration page.

Interested in volunteering with us? Contact us at the email address above or use the link below.

Voter Services

The Voter Services Committee produces the Voters Guide and its online companion, VOTE411.

The committee forms carefully worded nonbiased and nonpartisan questions about issues of concern to the voters. The committee interacts with campaign offices of the candidates to get responses in a timely manner to accommodate the tight production schedule. Distribution channels are worked on to cover all districts. The printed Voters Guide is distributed to throughout the county to all population groups. When feasible and necessary, the committee also organizes candidate forums. This committee provides moderators to other organization for their forums. Moderator training is provided.

Youth Initiative

Youth Initiative was launched in summer of 2021 in an effort to create a LWVSA Youth Group, composed of high school and college aged students. This initiative is an attempt to engage the next generation to think about democracy, the role of our leaders, the role of our government and most importantly, their role in making democracy work.

An annual contest is organized aiming to empower the next generation to think critically about issues related to Democracy. A platform is provided for young leaders to engage in a dialogue on major public policy issue that interest them in a peer setting. For more details about the activities this committee undertakes and to volunteer with this committee, please visits the Youth Initiative page.

Program and Advocacy

The Program and Advocacy committee plans and organizes forums on priority issues as determined at the Annual meeting by the membership. The intent of these forums is to educate League members and the public on important topics of concern to the community. This committee conducts studies on public policy issues on which the League does not have a position. Committee members also advocate for or against propositions, policies and bills. For more details on the workings of this committee, visit their Study and Action page.

Organization / Membership

The Organization Committee manages the membership and the database. The committee is responsible for member communication. Member recruitment, member retention and member engagement falls under this committee. This committee matches membership interests with volunteer opportunities to optimize League’s activities. Contact us at the email address provided above or use the link below to join.

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